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‘Dream your life, live your dreams.’ French proverb

I recently wrote a blog, I needed to change. I recognized in myself that I could do better. Aside from expensive, important, painful years of counseling, a life coach, or a guided group trip through mind altering drugs how does one get to the other side? How could I change to support my dreams?

No matter what change you want to make, prosperity, love, health, home, job, relationships. The formula is the same, it is the relationship you/I have with those things that insists on change or makes us stay stuck. Deeply rooted patterns and beliefs.

Ah ha moments can come, touch our hearts, and then BAM back to the same ole shenanigans. Change is easier said than done. Reading self-help books since I was a teen, I was forever seeking the why of it all. Looking at relationships that were successful and those that failed drove me like a freight train.

Failing at two marriages sent me further into wanting to understand, myself. Trust me, I spent time curled up in a ball on the floor, I was not impervious to f-ups. I sought consoling, trying to heal my inner me, gag. Went to aHealerthat was intuitive and rather effective, pretty cool. All that being said, I knew if I wanted to pursue my dream, I needed to make changes.

It has been my experience that recognizing my trigger points, and the well-formed ‘relationships’ of those trigger points.Those hot buttons or dark agreements can hinder going forward with dreams. My broken pissed off little self that was in fight or failure mode based on nothing that is in my here and now. BINGO! Recognizing, step one.

Taking action that is uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Now that I could see my self-placed road-blocks the path was clearer. If you have a dream in your heart and don’t take actions steps, even small ones, your dreams will just become faded ideas. Taking action, step two.

I wrote a book, I found a team, I pushed forward most every day for five and a half years. That book is published and brave. I shared my story, I worked out what was in my heart, moving forward I let my dream show up in black and white, something you can put your hands on, a book.

www.AManforEveryPurpose.comMy Naked Journey Searching for Love.

Pushing through a bunch of no’s, step three. Is failure a part of success, or change? I am not certain, but not being afraid to fail is powerful. I had been told I could never write a book. I was not properly educated to be an author, why was my voice different than anyone else? It wasn’t, it isn’t, I just pushed forward, I had to. For me anything else was not a choice. I was driven not to let my dream die.

Now I have been told I have to spend a gob ton of money to promote my book, my dream. I have yet to do that. Right now, anyone who reads “A Man for Every Purpose”, I am grateful. Those that can relate and become empowered that is the equation that counts.

Maybe the next step is listening to those that have made it to the other side? Maybe the next step for me would be different that it would be for you? Small changes can create large impact. Celebrate even the smallest shifts that will lead to the next shift. Let your dream become a part of your story.

My Mantra: “Changes and dreams are beauty of life”