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“A naked woman in heels is a beautiful thing. A naked man in shoes looks like a fool.” Christian Louboutin

All righty then, pre-summer does that denote nudity?

There I was, my first time visiting a nude beach. Ok, I get it nothing is more natural than being at a warm beach in your birthday suite.

I wore a bikini, later regretting that decision and not succumbing to the ala natural moment. I was clothed observer, a jaw-dropped spectator. Honestly impossible for me not to just take it all in with my eyes, wow nude frolickers.

People embracing their natural state, all shapes and sizes that was the relaxed prevalence. Emancipation at its finest! The vibe was more laid-back than any yoga workshop. To clarify I’ve never done a naked yoga workshop. Note to self, finish blog and stop googling that.

A far cry from the Orange County Newport beaches I grew up. Where a great tan and skinny perfect bodies were some sort of beach ordinance. Ode to Newport Beach, the land of the made-up perfection.

But the naked beach that I hiked to was like watching small children rid themselves of clothing to run and splash free as nature intended. That I had seen, my children, years ago, on Dana Point beaches, sand everywhere, I mean everywhere.

At this nude beach there seem to be a union of locals that knew one another. Some of the older guys grabbed a surfboard and whipped through the waves, parts dangling as they curved through the sets. I was also guessing that sunscreen was not an issue as these tanned bodies had no tan lines.

My beach partner was quick to shed their clothes and I kept buckled into my bikini like a confused beginner.

As I have gotten older, I’ve embraced and accepted the changes that have occurred with my body. I could fight it but to what avail? Am I strong and healthy? Yes. Am I curvier, yes; Am I a fabulous me? Well I am… me.

I loved the Tyra Banks cover of Sports Illustrated where she had cures to spare, no longer does she have the tiny body she once modeled with.

 We all change, let’s just dig how we are and life would be better, happier, freer, simpler.

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As for my naked beach time it was nothing short of great. I am guessing surfing is a sport safe to do in the nude. Damn I had to google naked sports. Ok! There are organized runs, volleyball, skiing, motorcycle riding, badminton, you name it there is even nude gardening day. I am not sure how they gather for that???… but no matter. A different game of thorns, avoid the spikes, barbs and bristles!

Ben Franklin referred to his nudity as air baths. Perhaps we should all air bath more?

A few days later, a second visit to naked beach I shed half of my bikini. I felt so relaxed I napped. That Sunday afternoon naked drum circle arrived and people came in droves. Wow! very tribal and bouncy. The freedom and rhythm hit the core of self.

My Mantra: “Nudity is freeing, I am happy I could participate on a warm day under an umbrella”