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“You cry and you scream and you stomp your feet and you shout. You say, ‘You know what? I’m giving up, I don’t care.’ And then you go to bed and you wake up and it’s a brand new day, and you pick yourself back up again.” Nicole Scherzinger

I have had moments when I wanted to give up on myself as a friend, sister, daughter, lover, mother, author, employee, lover, ex, neighbor.

I have had grave disappointments and troubling turns. I have tried and failed at relationships, and ideas I otherwise thought were brilliant, only to hit a dead end. It seemed to me I got hit with everything all at once. It is like getting caught in a negative hurricane. Spiraling into what next, I remember what was next, that’s right a parking ticket and bounced check.

I was having an onslaught of negative occurrences within the span of three days. I was ready to have a pity party where no one was invited because everyone was on my s**t list. My thoughts, bad thoughts were taking me hostage when I realized it was time to fight back. Did my thoughts own me? No, no way.

I called my friend Healer. Healer is intuitive and has empathy and sound guidance, she is simple a healer. She brought everything to the surface quickly. As I was telling her my woes, I understood why I was manifesting downward.

Within a pivot in thinking I was quickly manifesting positive again. Like a bad storm that passed I had debris I had to clean up, especially with the people around me where misunderstanding laid about the pathway of our connection. I needed to apologize where I had gone wrong, and express my disappointment where I felt hurt. All tasks I was capable of communicating when I was no longer in the storm.

Maybe reaching the breaking point is what happened to create a shift? I know for me that is how it went down. Hitting a low point made me search my gratitude list and find change. Not easy, in fact change can be painful. In the necessary moments of change lie hope.

I wrote a book that is very relatable about a relationship journey that spans decades of success and failure. It is a book that people tell me I wrote it for them and about them. I love that this book is alive for the people that read it. I have had times I wanted to let the book go without the tremendous efforts to getting it out to everyone.

If you feel the blues and are a hurricane of a downward spiral find your shift, and know that your thoughts are not allowed to hold your hostage. Change your thoughts, change your life. I encourage you to read about my journey, no different than yours, just dolled up in a story.

I have dropped the price on Amazon for you to read and share with your friends, you will love this book! www.amanforeverypurpose.com

I have shifted my thinking, knowing this book is entertaining and encouraging, I have blessed others with the story that was based on my love journey.

Sometimes the bottom line is how we can impact others and that can bring the greatest shift. I am grateful for all my readers and followers.

If you feel the blues and they are a hurricane spiraling downward, find your shift and know that your thoughts are not allowed to hold your hostage.

I encourage you to read about my journey, no different than yours, just dolled up in a fun story, a true work of heart.

My Mantra: “Wanting to give up is part of pushing forward