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“Fly me to the moon. Let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars” Bart Howard lyricist, Frank Sinatra


Falling in love can be a tricky business.

Most of us have been in love more than once. That automatically make the lunar love trip filled with more baggage.

Is it time to go after your heart’s desire to love and to be loved? How do you prepare, weed out, and find the right partner? Seemingly daunting looking at other love couples, do not get discouraged! All of those couplings went through dry spells, misconnections, and heart ache, you are not alone.

I don’t think it is supposed to be easy. I don’t think love is supposed to be perfect. My theory is that the imperfection of a close intimate relationship pulls us closer to knowing and healing ourselves. That is where the luggage comes in, everyone has baggage.

In order to prepare for your next love, adventure it is best to do some healing work. At the very least understand where you were culpable in the ending of your last relationship. Why did you choose that partner? What about that relationship worked for you? What did not? Can you attract the good parts? Can you be done with the bad parts?

If you feel anger, or resentment, or blame, or your tag line is, ‘there are only jerks out there’. You will attract a jerk. Stop dating, you are not ready.

Too often we repeat patterns in relationships that lead us to the exact same place with a different ‘face’. The sooner that you realize the one thing in common of your last relationships was you, a light may go on. That enlightened moment may take you out of blame and into the glow of the moon. Owning your part in failure can be empowering. That is what you should pack on you trip to the moon, lighter baggage.

Soaring to the moon with the right partner is love at its finest. It is allowing love hormones to take over and to accept yourself and your lover as they are. It is knowing that the love bubble has a time stamp and being ok with the natural progressing that love will offer. You’ll always have the moon, and you should know that changes are a part of life. Nothing is really sustainable and love does not have a corner on the market for staying the same. Nor should it. Changes and growth will occur.

Acceptance is key. The only one you can change is yourself. Now pack a lighter baggage and give love a go. To the moon and back could lead to a honeymoon. That sounds pretty good!

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My Mantra: “Wine, roses, and the moon, are but one aspect of lasting love”


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