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“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” Jim Carrey

All of us have a dark side, even chirpy women that go on walks with dog treats in their pocket to share with new furry friends.

I think I work through things verbally. Words, words, words I am a words girl.

With my trusted friend I can rattle off my most begin thoughts. I can yammer on from one subject to another that holds little to no meaning, or all the meaning in the world. She can openly tell me when I am out of line, or when a have back bra bulge, oh yes, it’s a thing. I can take shit from her, because she’s real.

I can start in the middle of a thought and she will wait for me to get to the idea.  Jumping around from one subject to another and then concluding with our initial topic, like a verbal sporting event. We talk, we listen, blah, blah, blah, we talk more.

We have a code word for when our thoughts need to stay between us. We can share, and lock away our darkest fears. We can trust our ugliest selves and still be safe. She will not scold me but try to direct me to not make the same mistake twice. Reminding me of what happened last time.

Offering one another sage wisdom because we have heard it, know it, or have been through it.

A genuine stream of conscienceless that I can trust. We offer one another a chance to just be heard. The advice we hear we may know but need to hear it one more time.

 I love smart people that are also soulful, a wee bit superstitious. We talk about otherworldly things, skipping politics altogether.

I know if I shared every thought in my head with my partner it would drive him mad. Women have a certain speak that is different than men, this is nothing new.

For me having someone to balance out my words or crazy ideas with, I hold great value. I love genuine people that are trustworthy with imperfection. Because we are all frail, vulnerable, fallible, unsound, and flat out dumb-asses sometimes. We can say and do the wrong thing that we thought we knew better… but here we went again effing up.

Because love is being transparent. Because being real about who you are may begin with yourself but having a friend to be real with is precious.

My Mantra: “Being transparent with myself and writing with Karen birthed a book “A Man for Every Purpose, My Naked Journey Searching for Love”