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“Social media gives a false sense of social reality.” Katie L Lindley

I get it, you want to shout from the roof tops, and why not? You have found your love and you want all to know. Your daunting search is over, you one true love has finally arrived!

 Why not share your glorious news to the public world of Facebook?Some will be genuinely happy for you; some will be jealous. Some will wish you well, others don’t give a crap. Some will weigh in, and not in the best light. Or a big insincere thumbs up, passing by you at lightning speed to the next social media story.

Do those number effect the real intimacy that you have with your love? Or is it a false sense of acceptance?

The love you have is utterly and surely no one’s business but yours. No one should have a vote as to what lies between you two. Why would you give them a chance to chime in? Are you desperately seeking confirmation?

Within a real grown up love others approval does not factor in, because they are not with you as you go to bed and wake up. It is your relationship, your love, not theirs.

I was protective of my love as it was new. Our mantra was “It is our relationship no one else, no one gets a vote”. That left us with our own responsibility to grow and continue to understand one another. It fostered a oneness. Is community and family around us important? Hell yes, but they cannot, nor dare not, elicited the direction we chose.

There was no way I would post a photo of us hand in hand saying “I love him so much!”. We kept our love private and protectively close. I think it is fair to say we had our “selfish time”, that lasted a couple of years, where we turned in towards the us in us.

We had both had known other loves, and had seen much dating. The rotating door was a swinging. If those current love were years or weeks, we gave others a solid chance.

Learning as we went along many lessons came with maturity and time. As my book revels much into my history of love, and loss, it also revels nothing. As with a story it was written for lessons, entertainment, and laughter. Why let too many facts get in the way of a good story?

As with real life, it is behind closed doors, between two people a knowing look that is just for one another. Have you ever been completely shocked that that couple got divorced? The public presentation was solid; however, the real relationship was between the two.

Real love could never be captured in the click of a phone. That oneness is not seen in glimpses on Facebook. That being said, I love and use Facebook as a tool.

What we are looking at are posed moments for public story telling.

Words and photos can lead us towards inspiration that is birthed from those captured moments.

My Mantra: “The key to personal relationships is protecting them in a private way”