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“I live for watching TV and partying with my book club.” Lauren Lapkus

Thank you Oprah! Who pushed for book clubs everywhere!!! Brilliant. Again I am thanking Oprah, my influencer.  Thank you the movie “The Book Club”. That is in the movie house now, a must see.

Santa Barbra Book Club Kicks off  with inspiration from the book “A Man for Every Purpose, My Naked Journey Searching for Love” A relatable book about the journey of a girl through decades of searching to understand men. Utterly confused with fierce determination she soldiers on caught up in many of her own mistakes. Learning and growing. Discovering many truths that will empower her, and the reader. A fun relatable read that can bring a giggle, and ultimately wisdom. The love journey we have chosen, ends up being our responsibility, go figure…

 The first ten book clubs that include “A Man for Every Purpose” the author promises to make an appearance in your town to visit your club! Katie L Lindley is nothing but all passion believing in her work and motivated to share her labor of heart with womenkind, and the dudes that want an insight into the inner workings from the soul of a female kind.

Please feel free to reach out to the author Katie via email: KatieLLindley@sexlovemantra.com

Happy reading, happy love journey, it’s a process that is well worth all the many facets that we encounter. Or rather we bring on.

My Mantra: “The time has come to share my story ready or not I will show up”

When it comes to love are you ready to show up? A question I may be able to help you with email me on my confidential email: KatieLLindley@sexlovemantra.com

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