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“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” Corrie Ten Boom

When sadness hits me I can feel it all the way through to my bones. There it is, utter darkness. That sorrow can spin into jammies days. However, the world is going on around me, I have lists like everyone. Therefore, I have found ways to pull myself from inner despair. I am lucky I only experience that level of pain a couple of times a year for a long day or two.


  • Eating something can modify my feelings pretty quickly. Especially if I have been too sad and my appetite has lost its way.


  • A good night’s sleep can restore. I wake up a different girl. Repetitive negative thoughts are hard to fall asleep with. Knowing this I try my hardest to think of something light, personally grateful for. A friend of mine felt overwhelmed not able to find sleep, she recalled the movie “You’ve Got Mail” in her mind, to help her from worries to sleep.


  • Call a girlfriend. Just hearing myself talk helps me to ease my way back. “I get by with a little help from my friends” The Beatles nailed that one.


  • Watch a really funny movie. “Will and Grace” just makes me giggle.


  • Walking, especially in nature or by the water. Walking by myself can reset my attitude. I imagine what other people’s lives are like in the homes I pass. Or I feel deeply the beauty of nature around me. The ocean or snow have a way of putting me in the moment.


  • Borrow a dog to love on and take walking. My daughter is near me and will relinquish her furry love to me.


  • Make soup. Having the home filled with the comfort of soup is yummy and smells good. I like vegetarian Tom Yum soup, I add coconut cream and rice noodles to.


  • Burn a candle, take a bath. Afterwards putting on lipstick helps to put a shine on literally. Slip into clothes that are clean and don’t suggest I am just getting into or out of bed.


  • Play music Tom Jones, I dare you.


  • Read “Florence Shovel Shinn”.


  • Clean out old clothes and donate them.


  • A gratitude list, my next step to move forward, to take care of life, set goals. A love list, to myself, for myself.


I am also aware of how depression can grab hold and be serious. If you or a love one is unable to come out of sadness please seek professional care. You are not alone, doctors can help.

My Mantra: “However good or bad a situation it will change. Knowing that helps”