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“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” Orson Welles

You have spoken up and found your voice. You are in the line of no more, me too people. A freedom comes with finding your voice. Many of the me too people have “worked” through their trauma. That part is lying neatly in the past. After the proverbial picketed signs are set down how do you move on? Being part of a group gives courage and a sense of unity, it is a freedom of the heart, you are not alone. That is powerful.

Embrace and hold onto those positive feelings. Heal, if you have not already, and if you so choose, date, love, laugh. They say the most powerful revenge is a beautiful life. Live a beautiful life. Help others with their voice. Be bold, be brave, be good in your shoes. That is a mighty tall order, but very sexy.

Is forgives in order? There is much freedom in forgiveness, to release the story, and forgive the other person is powerful. That kind of power is well earned, because it is not always easy to come by. Forgiveness may be work that does not have to be earned, but is positive in self-healing.

I wrote about my love and journey. I shared some bad choices and embarrassing moments in a heartfelt book knowing that those words we my power. They were my moment to heal, to forgive, to learn, and to share. No one is alone in their journey. That in and of itself is comforting.

I am blessed I can share my story with others. This emancipating effort was hard, and even the thousands of edits were painful. Those moments can be as real as if they are happening all over, guess what, they are not. That being said, I also laughed at myself and my words, and my moments.

A story is just that, a story. It just happened, it does not define you, nor do you ever have to live in that moment again. Just a story, we all have them. Being present offers much. Leaving behind our story is really great. Life, here I am at this moment. Wow.

After me too? Have “me” moments, spoil yourself, drop your story. Be proud you found your voice. Read, make your moments precious and in the present.

Read about my love journey in “A Man for Every Purpose, My Naked Journey Searching for Love” I hope you will laugh at the same parts I did.

My Mantra: “I am happy that my story is out to be shared”.


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