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   Excerpt from:     “A MAN FOR EVERY PURPOSE”

“Take your broken heart, make it into art.”

—Carrie Fisher

I believe in love! Sometime in June of 2004, a quote landed in my email. I printed the quote out and hung it on my refrigerator like a kid’s school project. It became my romantic mantra:

“1. Find a man who makes you laugh. 2. Find a man that has a good job and can cook. 3. Find a man that will pamper you and give you gifts. 4. Find a man who is honest. 5. Find a man who is awesome in the bedroom. Most of all, it is very important that these five men need not know one another.”

I had no idea at the time that this quote would describe my quest to understand men and myself in relation to men.


A Man For Every Purpose” is a celebrated adventure in search for true love. This chatty, funny, heartfelt read delves deep into exploring the realities of today’s modern dating.

Katie L Lindley is brave in exposing many truths. The lessons she learns are relatable. Her innocent and not-so-innocent experiences keep you turning the pages of this book. The only caution in this tale is that you may find yourself shopping for super-hero underwear after reading it. Supremely entertaining this book is not just for the girls, the guys may want to sit up and take notes.


“A Man For Every Purpose” is for sale now on Amazon.

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