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“When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.” Adrienne Rich

Thank God for the one voice that is brave enough to speak out. Ashley Judd did just that. Something that was bottled up for two decades must have been chasing her down for her to bravely step forward with her truth. With sexual allegations towards Harvey Weinstein. It is easy to understand the courage that one person can set free many more that suffered the same before or after.

Anyone who takes a positon of power to yield inappropriate favors is the lowest kind of coward. Did this behavior of his escalate until it became more egregious? Did his disturbing pattern evolve to unsolicited sex also known as rape? Did those victims go on to be handed a role? That image certainly takes the shine out of Hollywood stars.

How about the eyes and ears around Harvey that were well aware of his lascivious behavior? Are they morally complicate or did some of them feel that they were also held hostage under the code of, shut up to keep your job and reputation… The less you say the better. I’d rather not sign up for that club.

I am sorry! The whole awful business that is being revealed is discussing. What if those women were your daughters or your friends? Many have come forward and followed Ashley’s step into the light. I hope that all of those who had a first-hand account of this going-on will find a voice and not fear recuperations. We must find strength in justice, without proper justice we all lose a piece of ourselves.

The ‘casting couch’ had always been a cheeky reference. It will never again hold up the humor it once had. I grew up in Southern California I recall the light heartedness of that reference. I thought of two people getting what they wanted, that would eventually fall in love or have a mad love affair. I may have been too naïve. Never did my mind take me to the dark place that Mr. Weinstein created allegedly for many victims.

Cheers to Ashley Judd a powerful woman who found her truth and spoke her words! Who offered a “slap in the face” to a man that may deserve much more. I feel as if Ashley single-handedly set free women who were trapped in fear of this once powerful person.

Mr. Weinstein your power is forever removed. May our criminal system and justice prove to be honoring of what this great country can step up to.

Having a voice and speaking the truth can be liberating for self and perhaps those around you. The snowball effect of ‘speaking up’ may rain freedom in the hearts of those who have been frightened or worse. Ashely Judd deserves the greatest of all standing ovations.

My Mantra: “I am blessed to have found my voice and honor the women that are finding theirs”