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“If you want to be a woman in power, then empower other women.” Nina Shaw

They say the future is woman. I say the future is within.

 The messages for women are messed up and wrought with impossible standards.Be thin, have flawless skin, hide your feelings, never let your kids see you cry, take less pay with a smile, dress well, act polite. In other words, keep your feelings in, and your cleavage out! We are told to be skinny consumers and that will make us all happy. Pretty shinny things and we are one of them. Wearing them, driving them, living in them, that reflects who we are, but does it? With the right lip gloss, and snappy heels we can conquer the world, at least our neighborhood.  Enough already!

How can you turn off the programed noise and tap into a stronger self?


  • Never compare yourself with someone’s else self. No good can come of that. Someone will always seem to be something you are not and you may be more than others. Know your talents, strengths, gifts, be real with the knowledge. Have courage to follow through with your dreams. Embrace and support others in their gifts.


  • Learn the word no. Door mat days are over. Let your yes be your word and pass on what you don’t want to do. Boundaries are powerful when set into action. No one’s feelings will be hurt, they will task someone other than you that has not learned the word no. “I’m going to have to pass this time”, learn that one.


  • Embrace your feelings. Sadness, joy, whatever is real and comes up lean towards. Acknowledging our feelings will help us process more efficiently.


  • Look at your own doings straight on. Face the mirror, face yourself, where can you be better? Change is not as scary as it may seem. We can only move forward with raw honesty.


  • Lessons are there for us. We can choose to honor our lessons or choose to repeat them. Blame is not what we now do. We are grateful for our experiences and understand our choice in it.


  • Be real be vulnerable. To expose yourself is to be true to who you are and your voice. Once you find this you will never let it go. You will be the one who walks in their own shoes and those around feel a queen is present.


  • Never give yourself away for attention or love. Real love will show up when you are your best. Clambering for number one is not pretty on anyone.


  • Be honest with your sexuality. The days of faking orgasms are over. Embrace how you give and receive. Power lies within sexual truth. A woman who knows herself is unstoppable.


My Mantra: “Find your power, know your value. A work in progress that will lead to a more genuine you. If you try, so will I.”

Read about the journey of a woman who thought she would understand men, and came to understand herself.