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Some things are better than sex, and some are worse, but there’s nothing exactly like it. WC. Fields

Sex and love are not always linked up. I understand that having a great sexual partner doesn’t necessarily mean that equals forever after fairytale ending. Kissing frogs can be fun but come on how often does the frog turn out to be prince charming?

A girlfriend of mine is happily married and her relationship, though affectionate, lacks bada-bing-sex. I see people give up on sex far too often. I also note a great deal of friends that have amazing sexual relationships with partners they will never have love for, except naked love.

I have a man in my life that has just sadly ended a relationship with a woman that was very sexual. They had a sexual routine based upon her schedule when her ex had the kids. This was a neat and efficient deal yet love never really came of it.

I did my two hundred hour yoga final on “Yoga For Better Sex”. I thought this was a sassy idea; I was quickly corrected. Upon research there is sexual yoga healing spanning many directions that date back hundreds of years. I choose this topic because I was aware that being present, opening your heart and hips, and tapping into the scared gift of pleasure is to be honored. Some of you may imagine crazy yoga positions; so did I but that’s not what I had in mind.

Sex is a gift and I like to honor it as such. As I treat my body with good healthy food, drink, and exercise. I also honor what is good and healthy for my mind, heart, and sexuality. Sex is great but for me it is even better when the connection leads with love, respect, and kindness.

Love and sex, sex and love it is wonderful to want, to remember, to appreciate, to respect. After all it is sex and love and love and sex are part of our human right.

My Mantra: “I honor my body and my sexuality”