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Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go its pretty damn good.

Woody Allen

The age-old question. Arguing both sides in a heated debate. Is it safe territory to enter into sex with an ex? The multitude of factors can be endless. After all, there is a reason that the ex is in fact an ex; that must remain clear. However the sex is well, an idea to be considered.

Some might argue it is never a good idea, you gave them up already, and having sex will either confuse, or upset you if the sex is great. Oh and it probably will be great, seeing as how you’ve already survived a break up. Ehe emotional component differs because there is nothing left to lose. So the best sex can submerge from this, but that may be all it is. Then again, if the connection is gone and the sex is bad you may not be so thrilled about that.

Reattachment can and will take place, that muddles things. When you break up with someone and go through the steps to get healthy again, sliding back into the sheets can backslide your progress.

Love journeys are always different. People attach then separate and then can get back together. Is it about the lessons learned? In my dating and love experience I have earned some brownie badges graduating from things that do not work for me. Matters of the heart are tricky and not for the faint. I have become a love warrior. What does that mean?

I love myself enough that I am not willing to sacrifice things that make me feel bad. I am worthy of love. With that intent, I begin by loving myself. So I put on armor that insists on kind and loving relationship,  yet at the same time have to drop my guard and let my heart be utterly venerable.

Have I ever had sex with an ex? You betcha. I do not regret it, however, right now I cannot think of one ex I would want to have sex with and I think that must be progress.

My Mantra: “Loving myself and my choices are right for me”