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This year we became the story” Oprah Winfrey

I am hoping for bravery to step forward and not just in high profile cases. There is no justice is sexual misconduct of any kind. A no is a no, super simple, yet may momentarily seem complicated, when factoring in ‘the fear factor’. Intimidation for sexual favor is never ok and should not carry over into the dread of losing your job. That is what the foundation of sexual harassment in the work place is founded on. Not just for females but for males as well.

 The snowball effect has been set in motion! It is now easier to say “Me Too”.  There is no stopping the ramifications of what will come of the heroic women who have stepped forward with their frightful experiences. One way to try to place the past behind you is to find your voice. It must be somewhat cathartic to have your say, finding peace in releasing the injustice weather or not justice will be served. A voice is a voice, and with all the recent news I see that hope has been set in motion.

How does someone try to burry a memory that feels current? A moment that happened long ago may become alive just to recant it. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for the person trying to break clean of an incident that happened.

I wrote a book.  This “book” often times became alive and very real. Recalling memories, I’d rather leave behind. I’d cringe, and sometimes cried having to edit rewrite and reread. Often times bringing the past back to life, and that is not always a good thing. What I have learned about my story is that it is just what happened not who I am. I am not defined by my past and no one can take being present away from me. I have never had sexual harassment in the work place, other than words as a teenager in a time when the laws, I am guessing, we’re brushed aside. I just kept my head up, shoulders back and walked away, every teenager knows that F*you walk. That was how I handled crude and inappropriate comments. I was lucky. I had other things that would unfold in my life that would not be considered lucky in any way, but for sexual harassment in the work place, I was lucky.

Thank you women who have found their voice! We have a responsibility to be honest, to be clear, to be kind, and to not be afraid to speak the truth. From that point on it is up to the criminal system. As long as the words we use are true they are powerful. Powerful to us and to those around us.

The snowball effect of speaking out can cause empowerment. Sometimes there can be strength in numbers, I hope this is one of those times!

My Mantra: “I am grateful for those who have spoken in truth and stand in their strength”

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