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Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Franklin P. Jones

Man seeking woman to fulfill the love he is looking for. However, must love dogs, walks on the beach, red wine, and music of all kinds and various seasonal sporting events. Women seeking man for the same. Women seeking women, and so on, it all pans out to love. Moreover romantic love. If we don’t have it we want it. Simple human plight, innate desire to be accepted for who we are not only accepted, but wanted for who we are. The long and the short of it seems to be a tall order, or is it? Really…someone loving me for me?

We are all the same. The longer our list of highly desirable sought after traits in another the more restricted we are making ourselves. Do we think we are so different, or are we blocking our own success with a list of “must haves”? Perhaps the tighter we hold onto these ideals the further away we become from the freedom that comes with utter abandoned vulnerable love. Is being too choosy is really a sign you don’t want to choose?

I have just moved to a new town. Single and perhaps not searching yet, however the possibility of meeting someone has occurred to me. I am a romantic at heart, yet I have set up my share of roadblocks that do not serve me. How will I bring, or rather manifest a man into my world?

What is the best way to meet new potential romantic connections? Is it push a button and shop for love online? Volunteer at things I like? Join meet up groups? Barstool marketing myself? It seems for me the harder I try the further away I get from where I want to be.

I know a few basics. Work on myself. Where did I mess up in the last relationship? Me not him, how can I improve? Why did I attract that man into my life? What can I bring to a loving partnership? So those are checking in with myself questions that I find helpful.

Then with any luck, and great intention, gather new girl and guy friends into my world. A man for every purpose seems like a good way to manifest one solid man. If I just go with my gut and enjoy life, a man may just show up. I am not in a hurry at this point so I will take the day-to-day method. I will not limit myself to lists that will distract me from potential bliss. I am in a new town friendly will be my motto. Put down my list, look up and smile.

My Mantra: “I love and accept myself as a single; becoming a great single will attract a great partner”