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“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.” Satchel Paige

Wounded love warriors unite! Love is out there and plentiful. On our love journey we all get knocked down and we all experience a hurt heart. I think it is those moments, that can to shape us.

It may be easy to curl up with pain and feeling victim-like. Or going on a bitch fest how the others assholiness dun dun us wrong. But when the complaints settle it may be time to tweak your outlook, after all it did take two. However too much time ‘down in the dumps’ and self-pity should have an expiration date.

I have been on the bad side of break ups and probably spent way too much time feelings sorry for myself. Ultimately feeling unworthy of love. Embracing rejection as if I deserved such. At the time it all made sorrowful sense. Now I embrace that attitude as counterproductive, I now say…Nonsense! We all on our journey. I can embrace my history.

It took me much healing and work to flip that bad attitude around. A serious must, insight and growing is where we are all at.

Life is short and love is around every corner. Giving up on love for me would be like giving up on breathing. Love spins the world into a better view. It brings a smile to a stranger and soup to a friend who has a cold. Love is what makes the sun comes up and the wind go through the leaves. Taking a chance on love is courageous, brave and needed. Love literally sends powerful hormones to our brain that makes us feel better and helps us to stay young, and hopeful.

Eyes up, open your heart, and dance forward. Love is there. It may not look like anything you have ever seen so put on different glasses and look with your heart.

Take a chance on love. There is no time like the present.

My Mantra: “Love is worth taking a chance on. I can move past my love wounds and love like it’s all brand new”