“Do men have a biological clock? I feel like I do. Something is definitely ticking!” Luke Wilson

The time stamped on parenthood has changed. The modern miracles of today’s technology have bumped aside the presser to marry and reproduce. Society has also adjusted the pressure to marry. Yet life love and marriage thrive, yay! Marriages are happier and lasting longer, go figure. Back to biological clocks.

Babies can come to us through, donors, surrogate mothers, adoption, and much more. If you want to be a parent, there is no lack of storks flying about with bundles of joy.

Back in the day, also known as a couple of quick decades ago, the story was not the same. People married at a certain age to have babies and continue with tradition and family. The whole family structure and model are much the same, so be it tradition is tradition.

Now we can date, we can ponder. We can take our time to select what seems right for us. Love has not changed, nor will it ever. Love is love it is predestined, deeply ingrained into our compound genetic system. A petri dish will not affect love. It may affect our biological clock and that’s ok. It is nice to have options. I personally felt as if you are too old to climb a tree with your twelve-year-old maybe rethink the whole thing? Yet many senior fathers have been stellar, who am I to say? No one really. Parents of all ages can be wonderful. And if you are still physically growing you may be too young to be a parent. Once again all ages can be good or bad parents.

I see young women not settling and that is marvelous. Women empowering themselves with careers and dedication to their own future. This new tradition of ours offer us gals to live the way they see fit. Amen! Forge your own way, find out what matters to you. Be true to your calling and life will never be a job for you. If babies are in your forecast embrace parenthood however it arrives. The sound of our biological clocks have a different rhythm.

Is your biological clock is done and your hormones are sending into a state of decline? Ask your doctor about hormone replacement therapy, if you so choose. Our sexuality and vitality can subsist much longer thanks to modern medicine. Why not be and feel a vibrant as we can?

Whatever stage you are at enjoy the clock you have. We all must do the best we can with what we know. Know more, hunger for answers, find your truth. Pre-parenthood, active parenthood, no parenthood or post-parenthood. It is all an honored ride enjoy it. Honor yourself and your roll as mom or dad.

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My Mantra: “I am blessed to say Happy Father’s Day to my Ninety-Three-year-old Day! Happy Father’s Day Pop”

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Katie L Lindley

Although I would like to say I am organized, focused and cookie-cutter, that simply would not be me. I am no different than any other woman in the world. I love to love, love hard, and, in the end, have learned to love myself above all else. So here I am, writing about the many men and the multiple purposes they have served in my life. Realizing that not one man on my roster had fulfilled every single one of my needs. Perhaps one man is not supposed to? I have compiled snippets of the men that have entered my world. In the end, they have shoved me towards my bathroom mirror, forcing me to take a better look at myself. Reflection is brilliant and the strongest guidepost into ourselves.

Working on the next book in the series “A House for Every Purpose, My Journey From Pillow to Pillow” revels a woman abandoning her home in search or her identity beyond men, motherhood, author.

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